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ABOUT Teen World Open

Teen World Open is the official Tennis World Cup for teenagers between 15 and 18 years old. The tournament features talent from all around the world proudly representing their countries and competing for the Teen World Open championship title.

Tennis Central teams up with the national tennis federations and commits to rigorously selecting and bringing the next generation of tennis stars to America.
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The goal of this worldwide event is to give an opportunity to devoted players from all over the globe, many who otherwise would not have the means to travel, to come to America, experience international competition and the American university system, and compete for the title of world’s best teen.

For this inaugural edition, players will come from at least eight countries. Sixteen players—eight boys and eight girls—will compete. Owing to the World Cup format, players will compete in a group stage, with two semifinalists from each group emerging to play a knockout round, which will determine the champion.


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