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Our Teen Players

There has never been a true world championship for teens. Tennis Central partners with the national tennis federations to bring the sixteen best teenage players to America for a week. Here they’ll experience the university system and determine the world championship.

As each player earns their spots, you will be able to read more about their styles of play, backgrounds, and accomplishments here. Come back here to check our newly added players!

Pre-Travel Requirements

International players must follow US Customs and Immigration requirements and must have a legal visa in order to participate in the tournament.  Requirements will vary depending on the player's nationality and country of origin. Where necessary, we will provide letters of invitation that can be used in the visa application process. 

If visas are granted for the purpose of attending the tournament, players must have a roundtrip ticket matching the closing of the event and must return to their country of origin once completed.

Players must have funds for personal expenses. Teen World Open, the Tennis Central Foundation, and Tennis Central Corp are not responsible for expenses outside those contractually agreed.
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