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Featured Player: Hod'abalo Isak Padio, 17 years old, Togo

What are your greatest challenges?

“I’m 11-3 this year on the ITF tour. Last year I played thirty-five or forty matches, and so that decrease is a big problem. It’s because it’s so hard to get to the events and to pay for all the flights. Nothing is really held in Togo, so even for African tournaments I’m always flying.”

Isak was 24-13 last year, all on hard court. His winning percentage is even better this year, but his ranking has fallen almost two hundred places because his family hasn’t been able to afford the travel and tournament fees.

What would be most helpful for your career?

“The ability to play more tournaments. And everyone wants to go pro, but looking at everyone’s rankings not everyone can. I’d love to be able to play in college, that can even extend my chances to play pro longer.”


  • 2 ITF Juniors titles:

  • 2022 Abidjan (J5)

  • 2021 Accra (J5)

  • Highest ITF ranking: 219


  • Current ITF: 495

  • Highest ITF: 219

  • UTR: 11.11


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